Jarmila Alexová

Adversative coordination in Bohemian texts from the early baroque period


The article is a comparative analysis of adversative coordination in two Bohemian texts from the 1630ies, viz. “Informatorium” by Comenius and “Mappa katolická” ascribed to Jiří Plachý-Ferus. Comenius expresses adversative coordination mainly with connections, less frequently with adversative complex sentences. Ferus, too, prefers connections to complex sentences, especially in Europe and Africa; in Asia and America the ratio is more balanced. In both authors the most frequent connectors are those with a restrictive sense, whereas complex sentences are most often used to express opposition in Comenius and concession in Ferus. There is no significant difference in the repertoire of adversative coordinators used by the two authors, but there is a difference in the frequency of the specific shades of meaning they express.