Jiří M. Havlík

The plague sermons of Christian Augustin Pfaltz (1629-1701)


The article is concerned with plague sermons of a less known Ch. A. Pfaltz (1629-1701). After brief information about the author we concentrate on two sermons from his book Theatrum Gloriae. The first one is a sermon about a comet, a phenomenon that was often associated with plague at that time. We explain the text against the background of its historical setting. The second one is a sermon presented in the St. Vitus cathedral in Prague “after the plague”. The text, the edition of which is attached to the article, is compared with “Spiegel des Prägerischen Elence” written by P. R. Redlich, a physicus in plague hospital in Újezd. We suggest that for the time and place of its composition the literary level of this carefully structured document is surprisingly high.