In June 2002, after decades of work, the 12th and last fascicle of the Glossarium mediae Latinitatis Sueciae was published. This paper is an overview of the published fascicles as well as a preview of a supplement, which is currently being prepared. After a brief account of the background of the project and its connection with similar projects in other countries, information is given about the sources and the method of work. Problems generally connected with lexicographical projects are discussed, such as a tendency to prolixity, unrealistic time schedules and changing staff. Attention is also paid to problems presented by unknown or difficult words and by mistakes made by Medieval scribes or modern editors. Readers of badly edited texts or future editors will appreciate instructive examples of how such problems were solved in the Glossarium. Finally, some aspects of the supplement in preparation are mentioned, especially the question how to preserve the consistency of the supplementary articles with those of the preceding fascicles.